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What makes Direct Cleaners worth the money?

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If you want your hard floors to stay looking like new for years to come, then you need two key things.

First a top quality, thorough clean with no chemicals left on the floor, and secondly after-cleaning care that gives you complete peace of mind.

Some companies just use powerful chemicals that can remain in your floors but Direct Cleaners use a complete nine step cleaning process that will leave your floors looking its absolute best.

We don’t use any chemicals in our machines – so all that’s left in your floor after the clean is pure water and or the protection treatment we have applied.

We also offer a comprehensive maintenance package, which means you can call us as often as you need to make sure that your floor stays clean, fresh and stain free.

We’ll even give you a free in person consultation, with no obligation, and a written quote from one of our qualified experts.

Get started today by downloading our free report “Consumers Guide to Hard Floor Cleaning” – and find out what less reputable cleaners don’t want you to know.

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